WiFi Network

A powerful range of tools that will
enable you to keep your network secure,
generate revenue and create great marketing strategies.

Management & Control

With our easy to use browser based management system, you can manage all aspects of your WiFi HotSpot. Our tools are as extensive as they are simple. Security, monetization, marketing and even competitions are all within the grasp of our sotware. Ask for a demo or look at some of our videos to get a flavor of what we can bring to your WiFi managment.

Security & Compliance

Ready Radius is fully compliant with the EU Directive 2009/136/EC. Register URLs and get instant access to where your customers are visiting. We even provide locked IP access for management of the Ready Radius system. Keep your company legal and protected.

Access & Tarrifs

Choose from a range of access options to get on to your WiFi network. Free, Pay and Go as well as MAC Address based access. Choose your tarrifs from an extensive range of easy to use options and monetize your network using our buiilt in payment platforms.

Professional WiFi Management Software


Ready Radius was born out of a desire to create a WiFi management utility that anyone could use. Our solution uses the Mikrotik hardware platform employing RouterOS to create an incredibly powerful and cost effective management system for WiFi and Wired network services. We are constantly seeking to improve and with Version 2 over 75% of new features have been driven by our existing customers.


We are not just providing innovative WiFi and Wired network management software, our goal is to provide you with an incredible range of tools that will enable you to  keep your network secure, generate revenue and create great marketing strategies from data collection to advertising.


Ready Radius has been built from the ground up using our own intellectual property, employing the power and cost effectiveness of Mikrotik hardware and RouterOS. We are constantly evaluating our software and Version 2 brings a brand new user interface as well as a host of new features. Get in touch with us for an online demo.

Cross-Platform Security, Monetization & Marketing